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Nuria Pena

baobab - ARGENTINA
She obtained a BA and MA degree on Political Science from the Metropolitan University of London and from Leiden University in Holland. Then she obtained a Masters Degree on Development Cooperation from Nijmegen University in Holland. Throughout her past and current studies she has specialised on issues related to migration and development, area in which she is developing her PhD thesis at IDES (Institute for Social and Economic Development) and the Universidad General de Sarmiento, Argentina. Both her work and educational experience have provided her with strong theoretical and practical skills on gender, human rights and Monitoring & Evaluation methodologies. She worked for Oxfam for 5 years (first Oxfam Novib, then Oxfam Intermon) and is currently Director and Researcher of the study exchange program at the School for International Training (SIT) Study Abroad -World Learning in Argentina. She collaborates with Boabab since 2010 in the design and analysis of baselines and surveys, as well as designing Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems.

Brenda Pereyra Cousiño

baobab - ARGENTINA
MA in Social Work at Chile?s Pontificia Católica University and the University of Buenos Aires. Posgraduate studies in Management, Planning and Administration of Social Policies and a Master Degree in Social Policies at the University of Buenos Aires. She is a University professor at the Nacional Lanús University where she is also the Research Coordinator of the Community Health Department. She has taught at different universities in Argentina for more than 20 years and been a visiting Professor at the University of Lund (Sweden) and the University of Pisa (Italy). She has also worked at SIT-Study Abroad ? World Learning for 12 years as Academic Director of their Social Movements and Human Rights program, and Regional integration and development program. She has taught at the undergraduate and graduate level in the topics of Territory and Social Movements, Social Policies, Social Management, Gender and Power and Methodology of research. Her areas of expertise are ethnic organizations and citizenship, and community organization from a gender perspective.

Agustina Ramos Mejía

baobab - ARGENTINA
BA in Social Communication, she has worked for 10 years in the development sector, especially in project management with international NGOs in Madrid, Honduras and Guatemala. She obtained an MA degree in Development Studies and International Cooperation from the Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain) and a postgraduate degree in gender studies from the Universidad Autónoma (México). Throughout her academic and work experience she has specialized in gender mainstreaming, rights based approach, education and communication for development and has an extensive experience with grassroots and women organizations. For the past three years she has been working in the public sector, specifically in sexual and reproductive health in the National Ministry of Health in Buenos Aires. She is also a PhD candidate at the Institute for Social and Economic Development and the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, where her research focuses on feminist and women social movements in Latin America.

Emilia Rossi

baobab - ARGENTINA
She obtained an advanced degree in statistics and economics from Università di Bologna (Italy) with research activity at Vrije Univestiteit in Amsterdam (Netherlands). She then completed a Masters in development studies and international cooperation at Università di Bologna and a Masters in social anthropology at FLACSO (Argentina), with a thesis on migrant domestic workers in Buenos Aires. She has extensive international experience in social participation, local development and gender programmes and projects, working for INGOs and international organisations. As an international consultant she worked in a number of countries including Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Somalia and the Maldives, carrying out assessments, monitoring, evaluation and learning assignments, among others. She has in-depth knowledge of result-based management and experience using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as participatory techniques.

Sarath Davala

Sarath Davala is an independent Organizational Development and Strategy consultant based in Hyderabad, India. He has a PhD in sociology from the University of Delhi. After working for three years as a Policy Advisor at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, India Office, he moved to teaching at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore (IIMB). After seven years at IIMB, he became an independent consultant working mainly in the voluntary sector. Sarath has worked with a number of Indian NGOs on long-term Organizational Development processes and carrying out evaluations of international -Central Asia and Sri Lanka- and national NGOs- in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Sarath's strength is also in qualitative research, his latest project being a SEWA-UNICEF research project on a Basic Income Pilot in Madhya Pradesh, soon to be published: 'Basic Income: A Transformative Policy for India?'. He has worked with Baobab in various evaluations and in the development of a Strategic Plan for an Indian NGO.

Gema Chacón

Gema is an Industrial Engineer from the University of El Salvador, and holds a postgraduate degree in Organizational Development with a systemic approach. She has specialised studies in strategic planning; Gender in Development; System Design Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; facilitation and participatory methodologies. With over 20 years experience as an independent consultant, she is an expert in gender mainstreaming and gender rights; capacity building and change processes; in project cycle management for results, logical framework and program approaches. She has extensive experience working with NGOs and international organizations (the EU in particular) in Central America. She collaborates with Baobab since 2009 supporting the design of sectoral strategies and in program evaluations for NGOs in Central America.

Pedro Juan del Rosario

Pedro Juan studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy (B.Phil.) and a Bachelor of Economics (B.Sc.) at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). He has a Master Degree in Economics at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico and a graduate study in environmental economics at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and the University of Osnabruck in Germany. He was a teacher and researcher for 20 years in PUCMM, Director of the Department of Economics and Director of Center for Urban and Regional Studies (CEUR) from that University. He has acted as a partner and consultant with many local and international organizations. Currently, he serves as Senior Researcher at the Dominican Institute of Agricultural and Forestry Research (IDIAF). His research has focused on the issue of rural development. In recent years, his professional work has specifically focused on territorial rural development. He has multiple publications, articles and books related to Dominican rurality. He has collaborated with Baobab in the evaluation of programs of socio-economic development in the Dominican Republic.

Cristina Carles Medarde

She graduated in Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow University (Scotland) and has a Master degree in International Relations (CIDOB-Barcelona-Spain). Her professional experience focuses on agricultural development, having worked in the field for 12 years, mainly in the Caribbean and Latin America, but also in Africa. She is the author of two books on participatory methodologies for social change. She is a specialist in logical framework, and teaches project design at the University of Barcelona's Master on International development. She was Program Manager for 8 years at Veterinarios Sin Fronteras. Since 2008 she has worked with Baobab in project evaluations, strategic planning, and designing of participative workshops. As a hobby, she trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Marie Marguerite Djokaba

Marie Marguerite Djokaba has an MA in Social Communications from the Catholic University of Congo in Kinshasa as well as a degree in Project Management and Administration from IFAD, Kinshasa?s Development Faculty Institute. She is an expert in children protection and children?s rights and has specialised in street children and demobilised child soldiers. She has a strong background in capacity building for local organisations. She currently works with REJEER, a Kinshasa-based network of educators for children and youth living in the streets, as Project Manager and Communications officer. She combines this work with occasional consultancies for national and international organisations. She has worked with baobab on an evaluation of a project supporting vulnerable girls working and living on the streets of Kinshasa.

Maurepas Jeudy

Maurepas holds a specialization in Development Economics at the Graduate Institute of Development Studies of the University of Geneva and a BA in Statistics and Applied Economics of the State University of Haiti. He has over 25 years experience in management of development programs, including 16 years as Country Director for Oxfam Intermon in Haiti. Having had the opportunity to manage large programs in Food Security, Income Generation in Urban Areas and institutional strengthening, he has a good knowledge of major donors ?such as the European Union- priorities and management criteria. He also has an excellent working experience with the Haitian state Institutions as well as grassroots organisations. He has been working for over a year as organisational development and capacity strengthening consultant for local organizations. He has collaborated with Boabab since its origins.

Imma Guixé Ancho

She has got a degree in Law by University Pompeu Fabra, a Master in Gender and Development by University of Sussex (Brighton, United Kingdom) and a Master in International Relations, with specialisation on Human Rights and Development, by Columbia University (New York, USA ). Additionally she has got several post graduate courses in project monitoring and evaluation and advocacy. Her experience expands through 15 years of work in International Cooperation for Development, mainly on issues of Gender, Human Rights and Advocacy. She has held management positions in international NGOs such as Manos Unidas, Educació Sense Fronteres, Intermon Oxfam and Amnesty International. She also counts with experience in monitoring, evaluation and learning, areas where she has worked as a consultant in more than 15 countries for international organisations, development agencies, private foundations and NGOs. She is author of several articles and lecturer in courses in cooperation, gender, advocacy and project and NGO management.

Mayuree Pandit

M.A. in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She has worked in the development sector for 10 years with different organizations. Her full-time work experience includes working as a Programme Officer at Oxfam India (in transition from Intermon Oxfam), Project Officer with Foundation for Ecological Security, and Training and Documentation Officer with Sarjan, ASAG, Gujarat. Major roles played during this period included implementation and management of programmes on the themes of child development and protection, education, ecology, governance. Since 2011, she works as a Consultant offering a range of skill sets including thematic analysis and creative solution finding, networking and resource pooling, developing and facilitating workshops and training programmes, facilitating processes for reflection, review and developing systems, conceptualising, organizing and conducting qualitative research studies. She is interested in engaging in processes that enable learning at individual, group and organisational levels. She has collaborated with baobab in a strategic analysis of the education sector in Maharashtra.

Nuria Pena Nuria Pena
Brenda Pereyra Cousiño Brenda Pereyra Cousiño
Agustina Ramos Mejía Agustina Ramos Mejía
Emilia Rossi Emilia Rossi
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Pedro Juan del Rosario Pedro Juan del Rosario
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